A Guide For Businesses In Mount Olive, NJ

Questions All Mount Olive Businesses (Should) Ask – ABOUT BUSINESS ACTIVITIES

Q: What Township agencies might affect how my business operates?
A: The Township Fire Prevention Bureau, the Health Department and the Planning Department each has an area of responsibility that could conceivably affect your business operations.

Q: Does my business need a Township license? If so, how can I obtain one?
A: If your business involves one of the following activities, the Township Health Department can either take your application or direct you to the appropriate Department:

  • food handling
  • tattooing
  • vending from machine(s)
  • septic installing
  • waste (solid or septic) hauling
  • service/sales alcohol

If your business involves other activities, the Township Zoning Officer, in the Planning Department, can advise you whether any, and if so which, Township Departments must issue a permit or license. If you provide full information about your business when preparing a Zoning Permit Application for your business site, necessary licensing can be identified during application processing. Thorough disclosures save time.

Q: Is there a Township agency that records all businesses operating in Mt Olive?
A: A Township ordinance requires certain buildings and businesses to register annually with the Fire Prevention Bureau and pay a fee. Also, the Police Department’s Emergency Contact System and the Fire Prevention Bureau records volunteered data. Registration forms are available from the Fire Prevention Bureau’s office and Police dispatch.

Q: What local taxes apply to my business, and how are those taxes collected?
A: The Township Clerk and the County Finance Department deal with real property taxes, which may only affect your business if you own the business site.

Q: Are there other local fees or assessments I should be aware of?
A: The Fire Marshal inspects each business site annually, and there is an inspection fee. There may be other costs, like sewer assessments or permit renewals, also.

Q: What are the Township rules governing business waste removal and recycling?
A: The Township Sanitation and Recycling Division can provide specific information applicable to your particular business about recycling and disposal of waste that your business generates.

Q: On opening day for my business in Mount Olive, can I float a balloon over the site, display special banners and set out temporary signs to advertise my business?
A: The Township has a sign ordinance, and the Township Zoning Officer can tell you what type of displays can be licensed for special events. Allow 30 days for processing.

Q: Are there Township rules on weights, measures and labeling for my business?
A: No. The Division of Weights and Measures, Morris County, has enforcement powers related to weights, measures and product labeling. They offer employee orientation about State regulations they administer.

Questions All Mount Olive Businesses (Should) Ask – ABOUT BUSINESS SITES

Q: What agencies might have an interest in the location of my business site?
A: Any one or more of the Township Planning Board, Township Zoning Board, County Planning Board, Township Building Department, Township Department of Health and Township Fire Marshal potentially have jurisdiction over some aspect of your business’s location. To find out what is needed to locate your business in Mount Olive, start by speaking with the Township Planner.

Q: I run a business out of my home in Mount Olive. I never receive customers at home. Are there applicable regulations?
A: Probably not. The Township Zoning Officer will have up-to-date guidance for home-based businesses.

Q: Whether I own or rent my business site, are there any required approvals for the business use of my property?
A: First discuss your business’s activities with the Township Zoning Officer, who can advise you whether any, and if so which, Township Department must issue a permit or license related to your occupancy.

Q: My business site needs structural changes. What approvals are needed before, during and after construction?
A: To obtain permission to make structural improvements, start by completing a Zoning Permit Application and discussing your situation with the Township Planner. Zoning variances and/or site plan approval may be needed. Once the review and approval of building plans has been completed and your business’s proposed site has approval, the Township Building Division is responsible for Construction Code enforcement, and the Engineering Division, Health Department and Fire Marshal make site inspections.

Q: With whom can I discuss my business site’s security?
A: The Township Police Department can perform a security survey at your site. The Police Department wants to include data about YOUR business in the Department’s Emergency Contact System. The System records contact and security (e.g., security service coverage) data on every business site.

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