Business Contract Services for NJ/NY/PA

When business clients’ contracts have been badly performed by the other party, wrongfully terminated or otherwise breached, clients rely on us to protect their interests. Through our client’s and our efforts, contract-related conflicts that we favorably resolved have included…

  • Nonpayment to clients in various service businesses for completed services
  • Withheld payment for certified construction work of a contractor client
  • Solar panel company overcharge for a retail client’s solar electricity
  • Nonperformance by a marketing consultant for a recreational facility client
  • Client’s partner expulsion for partnership agreement violation

In negotiating and resolving contract disputes for a wide variety of business clients, we and our clients have learned many lessons. We apply those lessons learned to our formulation and preparation of business contracts that …

  • Anticipate and avoid disputes
  • Identify and limit risks
  • Protect clients’ intellectual property
  • Secure long-term customer or supplier relationships

Our experience acquired over four decades of business law practice enables us to plan, negotiate and document for specific business situations such as…

  • For attorneys—Advanced exit planning
  • For consultants—Independent contractor agreement with customers
  • For landowners—NJ Prompt Payment Act-compliant construction contract
  • For family businesses—Succession or exit planning
  • For distressed businesses—Planning and effecting debt settlement
  • For licensed contractors—NJ Consumer Fraud Act-compliant proposals

As our client, you can count on us to add value to business contracting as we…

  • Adapt form contracts to your business needs
  • Respond to new legislative or regulatory requirements
  • Secure long-term business relationships
  • Lease business locations on favorable terms
  • Consider expanding your business
  • Develop an exit plan

As our client, you can count on JGW, INcounsel to enable you to make informed decisions about your business contracts. Contact us today to learn more.